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Black Hair Growth

Grow Healthy Black, African American, and Afro-Caribbean Hair

Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair

Twelve Steps For Growing Black Hair presents a natural method for growing Black Hair. In this book the author discusses the twelve steps that have helped her in growing longer, healthier hair naturally, without relaxers. This book discusses how to wash, condition, and style natural Black hair to prevent breakage and encourage growth. Also discussed are thermal pressing (straightening with a hot comb), hair care tools, and tips for choosing hair care products. 

Here is the table of contents for this book: 

My Story 
The Steps 
Step 1. Understand What You Have: A look at what makes Black hair unique 
Step 2. Learn How To Tell When You Are Breaking Off Your Hair 
Step 3. Use The Right Hair Care Products: What to look for in the products you use on your hair. 
Step 4. Use The Right Hair Care Tools: Information about hair tools and which ones to avoid, which ones to use, and which to use carefully. 
Step 5. Wash Your Hair Properly: How to wash your hair to prevent or reduce breakage. 
Step 6. Detangle and Condition Your Hair Properly: How to detangle and condition your hair to reduce breakage. 
Step 7. Chemical Free Straightening: A look at pressing and how to do it without damaging your hair. This section also looks at mechanical straightening. 
Step 8. Styling For Growth: When it comes to styling, simple is better. This section contains advice on styling your hair to prevent breakage. 
Step 9. Daily Maintenance - Combing and Sleeping In Your Hair 
Step 10. Taking Vitamins For Your Hair 
Step 11. Accepting What You Have 
Step 12. When You Find What Works For You, Stick With It!!! 

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